We are looking forward to all presentations of the RTR conference 2024. The E-VOLVE cluster member projects EU Project Multi-Moby, PowerDriveEU, RHODaS, HiPE and HighScape are presenting as well; swipe to mark your calendars. And in case you are not in Brussels these days, check out the RTR website and follow the live stream:

“Driving the Future: Unveiling Breakthroughs in Electric Vehicle Technologies – Insights from European Research and Innovation”

Mark your calendars for Friday, 15th of March when starting from 10:00 the E-VOLVE Cluster webinar, initiated by Multi-Moby and with contributions from the E-VOLVE Cluster member projects is taking place.

Stay tuned as we will share more information with you, soon.

Welcome new member: VOLTCAR

We are happy to announce our cluster has a new member, the project VOLTCAR: New electrical motor technology for the vehicle industry

To fight climate change, the transportation sector has been transitioning towards electric vehicles. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of such a move, the dependence of current electric traction motors on rare earth permanent magnet materials is costly and causes supply risk. 

The EU-funded VOLTCAR project will provide a revolutionary technology that allows for an impactful reduction of these materials while exceeding the state-of-art performance, cost and reliability requirements. The renewed design methodology and resulting novel high-speed motor could offer improved sustainability, allowing for circular value chains, recycling and reduced use of rare resources. Moreover, it would improve the power density of the motors and the energy efficiency of the vehicles and finally offer improved durability and lower costs.

The project, sister project to cluster members EM-TECH project and MAXIMA is coordinated by VTTJenni Pippuri-Mäkeläinen, Communication and Dissemination lead RTD Talos Melinda Danai Kathy. Supported by CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, the project is contributing to the goals of 2Zero .

To learn more about Voltcar ProjectWebsite.