E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter 03/24

It is time for the first issue of the E-VOLVE Cluster newsletter in the year 2024. This issue holds information about new cluster members, conferences and our upcoming webinar. We hope you enjoy it!

HiPE released its first newsletter

The 𝙃𝙞𝙋𝙀 project released their first project newsletter.

You can get an overview of the project’s vision, mission, objectives and partners and also get an update on accomplished milestones. You can find out how the project has been making a positive impact in the field of WBG-based power electronics solutions. Also, there will be some insights on the plans and visions of the second year of the project.

Find the full newsletter here!

New paper published by Multi-Moby

Our partner project Multi-Moby has published a paper in a top journal on “IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics” titled “On Antilock Braking Systems with Road Preview through Nonlinear Model Predictive Control”.

Be sure to check out this link to get access to the full paper.

EM-TECH was part of a joint webinar

The EM-TECH project had the chance to be part of an online webinar together with the projects  MAXIMAVOLTCAR and HEFT on the topic of “Sustainable Drives: Exploring Innovations in Green Vehicle Propulsion”.

In case you missed the event, check out the project’s news to rewatch all the presentations:

E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter #12

Ready for some updates? Here is our latest newsletter with all that has been happening in the projects. Many projects participated in different conferences and some reports have been submitted.

Also, don’t forget to check out all the events coming up in the next months!

E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter #11

July brought some events that have taken place and some interesting deliverables that let us look more into the work that is going on in the projects. Be sure to check all the links to the information and the projects to keep up to date. 

E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter #10

This issue deals with the many project meetings that have taken place and you can learn more about how some projects are progressing.

Website nominated

We are very proud to announce, that the E-VOLVE Cluster Website is nominated for the 2023.eu Web Award.

Please have a look und the following link.

A vote for us would be highly appreciated!

New paper about energy saving potentials!

New paper on energy saving potential of X-by-wire chassis systems of electric vehicles, prepared in cooperation between AUDI AGTechnische Universität IlmenauAVL and Armengaud Innovate GmbH with the results of EVC1000 Project can be downloaded here:



Here is the latest cluster newsletter for you. This issue honors success stories of two of our partner projects. Check it out!