May we introduce … the MINDED project

MINDED addresses in full the “expected outcome” and “scope” of the HORIZON-CL5-2023-D5-01-01 topic by delivering a battery electric IVECO eDaily minibus with 20% improved range at 0°C against the 2023 baseline. This is achieved by introducing a highly efficient heating system based on infrared (IR) panels, controlled by a novel user-centric HMI, embedding an optimised thermal and energy management strategy (TEMS) for improved comfort and reduced energy consumption. These activities are complemented with the demonstration of a new HVAC unit based on a heat pump, capable of reducing the vehicle’s cooling energy requirements by 15% against the baseline, while leveraging the efforts made on the HMI and TEMS. To do so, MINDED encompasses 10 Technology Bricks, organised in three AREAs:

  • AREA I: Heating and Cooling System, including (1) IR heating panels, (2) thermal cabin insulation, (3) a thermal mannequin for evaluating passenger comfort, (4) the optimised HVAC unit featuring an e-compressor with gas bearings, (5) the required ECUs, and (6) the user-centric HMI.
  • AREA II: Digital Twin and Control Strategy, including (7) a new digital twin model, (8) an AI-based algorithm for predicting driving behaviour, (9) the TEMS, and (10) a comfort control strategy for determining optimal settings.
  • AREA III: Demonstration and Performance Evaluation, demonstrating the IVECO eDaily minibus on the dynamometer at TRL7 and the HVAC unit on the ThermoLab testbed at TRL6.

Beyond the range improvement, MINDED demonstrates a cost reduction of 5% at vehicle level from simplified systems’ installation and reduced battery requirements, and a development time reduction of 30% achieved using the digital twin model and AI. The project generates its primary impact in the bus and minibus vehicle segments, with the MINDED Technology Bricks expected to equip 75% of the IVECO bus fleet by 2035, while delivering technologies exploitable in the medium/heavy commercial electric vehicles market.

Welcome to the Cluster! We’re very much looking forward to the cooperation.

WELCOME to the Cluster: SmartCorners

Started on first of January 2024, SmartCorners is one of the newest members to the E-VOLVE cluster we are happy to welcome and present. 


In-wheel motors (IWMs) have become a mature technology that is well-suited for new user-centric electric vehicles (EVs). IWMs can be integrated in multi-functional and controllable modules consisting of the electric powertrain, friction brake and suspension/steering actuation. By combining several vehicle functionalities in a compact solution, the modules offer substantial opportunities to enhance the design and the operation of EVs. This is the starting point of the SmartCorners project. Using machine learning and AI, an adaptive multilayer control strategy will be implemented with historical and current data from the vehicle, its environment, and users, including relevant EV fleets. This approach will pave the way toward software-defined vehicles, ena-bling rightsizing, holistic optimisation, innovative fault mitigation and actuator allocation strategies as well as more efficient, adaptive, predictive, and personalised system operation. 

SmartCorners will bring a so far unexplored authority level over: 
i) vehicle design, through skateboard-like chassis configurations; 
ii) energy management aspects, covering pre-conditioning and predictive thermal management during EV operation; 
iii) comfort and functional aspects, in terms of user-centric cabin thermal management, and pre-emptive vehicle body control; and 
iv) dismantling process and recycling of the vehicle. 

The development and industrialization of the project outcomes will be accelerated by comprehensive and integrated simulation, design and validation methodologies to decrease development time and cost, and support the uptake of AI-based solutions. In conclusion, SmartCorners will provide a significant competitive advantage of the European industry and contribute to achieve key strategic orientations C and A of the EU Strategic Plan.

The project is coordinated by AVL DiTEST, Communication and Dissemination lead is with Armengaud Innovate GmbH. Supported by CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, the project is contributing to the goals of 2Zero 

To learn more about the project, follow their activities on LinkedIn and visit the website.

Meet E-VOLVE @ #TRA2024 

E-VOLVE @EC Lunchtime session
E-VOLVE @Poster Presentation

The TRA 2024 in Dublin is just around the corner and from the E-VOLVE cluster perspective, we are very much looking forward to having the possibility to present our activities, our member projects and exchange with many projects and initiatives.  

When visiting the TRA, don’t miss to step by:  

🔹 EC Lunchtime Session: Together with the projects USER-CHI Project, eCharge4Drivers and the cluster Battery Heroes (greenSPEED EU Project, GIGAGREEN project, BatWoMan, NoVOC), E-VOLVE will have the possibility to be presented in a panel at the Stand of the European Commission.

🗓 When? April 15, starting from 12:30. 📍Where: Agora, EC Stand.  

🔹Poster Presentation “E-VOLVE Cluster: Increasing innovation efficiency to support the transition towards sustainable e-mobility”. Our joint E-VOLVE cluster paper has been accepted for a poster presentation and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the poster presentation.

🗓 When? April 18, starting from 09:45. 📍Where? Hall 8C – Poster Area (Simmonscourt) Stage 4.  

🔹EARPA- European Automotive Research Partners Association Stand: We appreciate the opportunity to present to you our E-VOLVE cluster at the EARPA stand.

🗓When? Throughout the TRA.  📍 Where? Hall 4.

And of course, take the opportunity to visit the 2Zero stand, also in 📍Hall 4 for a deep dive into the project portfolio prepared by 2ZERO to learn more about the projects selected under 2ZERO.  

On behalf of all cluster projects, we are looking forward to meeting you at the #TRA2024 and sharing views and opinions.