May we introduce … the MINDED project

MINDED addresses in full the “expected outcome” and “scope” of the HORIZON-CL5-2023-D5-01-01 topic by delivering a battery electric IVECO eDaily minibus with 20% improved range at 0°C against the 2023 baseline. This is achieved by introducing a highly efficient heating system based on infrared (IR) panels, controlled by a novel user-centric HMI, embedding an optimised thermal and energy management strategy (TEMS) for improved comfort and reduced energy consumption. These activities are complemented with the demonstration of a new HVAC unit based on a heat pump, capable of reducing the vehicle’s cooling energy requirements by 15% against the baseline, while leveraging the efforts made on the HMI and TEMS. To do so, MINDED encompasses 10 Technology Bricks, organised in three AREAs:

  • AREA I: Heating and Cooling System, including (1) IR heating panels, (2) thermal cabin insulation, (3) a thermal mannequin for evaluating passenger comfort, (4) the optimised HVAC unit featuring an e-compressor with gas bearings, (5) the required ECUs, and (6) the user-centric HMI.
  • AREA II: Digital Twin and Control Strategy, including (7) a new digital twin model, (8) an AI-based algorithm for predicting driving behaviour, (9) the TEMS, and (10) a comfort control strategy for determining optimal settings.
  • AREA III: Demonstration and Performance Evaluation, demonstrating the IVECO eDaily minibus on the dynamometer at TRL7 and the HVAC unit on the ThermoLab testbed at TRL6.

Beyond the range improvement, MINDED demonstrates a cost reduction of 5% at vehicle level from simplified systems’ installation and reduced battery requirements, and a development time reduction of 30% achieved using the digital twin model and AI. The project generates its primary impact in the bus and minibus vehicle segments, with the MINDED Technology Bricks expected to equip 75% of the IVECO bus fleet by 2035, while delivering technologies exploitable in the medium/heavy commercial electric vehicles market.

Welcome to the Cluster! We’re very much looking forward to the cooperation.